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Cardiff Uni Harry Potter Society

Ministry of Muggles

Ministry of Muggles

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Skipped Back 10

18th March 2011

After our AGM on March 22nd (you should come, really you should!), we’ll be breaking out the board games, cards games, and anything like that for a board game night. </p>

Let’s see your competitive edge! We’ll be starting at about 8pm.


Before we have a board games night social, we’ll be having our annual general meeting.

The main purpose is to elect a committee for the 2011/12 academic year. If we want to move forward as a society, we need to at least fill the key roles of President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Anyone who would like to be on the committee is welcome to put themselves forward and not just for these roles. Perhaps you want to do website/Twitter/Facebook type things? Maybe you have the time and energy to invest in being a Social Secretary and take the lead in organising our socials? Or do you think you could organise the most kick ass Yule Ball ever?

Don’t be afraid to talk to any of the present committee if you want more information about what a role involves. In case you’ve forgotten who does what, the current committee are listed in the Officers section on our Facebook group.

This is also the perfect platform to bring up any issues or suggestions about the running of the society.

We will be starting at the earlier time of 7pm.


11th March 2011

Hello America!

I know we’re not in America, but that, my friends, is a Def Leppard song title.

This Tuesday (March 15th) we will be having a Legen — wait for it… Dary! Music-Themed Fanfic/Fanart Night where we will have so much ‘Fun With The Funk’ (Aaron Carter) that you probably won’t recover for a week. #Fact It’ll be at the normal time (7.30) and at the usual place (Bar 33) so just bring yourselves, and probably some pens and paper for your creative outpourings, and we’ll be rollin’.


3rd March 2011

A huge thank you to everyone who came along to our second Triwizard Task!

To clarify, we worked out the scores by doing an average for each house (i.e. the house’s total score divided by the number of people in it) to put all the houses on an equal footing when there clearly wasn’t an even number competing for each house.

So, without further ado, may I present the scores:

1st = Gryffindor with an average of 110.5
2nd = Ravenclaw with an average of 100.5
3rd = Hufflepuff with an average of 98.1
4th = Slytherin with an average of 87.9


Film Poll


Which film would you like to watch at our social on March 8th?

Which HP film?

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This poll closes at midday on Tuesday 8th March.


13th February 2011

After our quiz night last week, it’s time to update the house points.

The scores from quiz night:
Hufflepuff: 53
Ravenclaw: 62
Slytherin: 62.5

Gryffindor: 969.5
Hufflepuff: 1222
Ravenclaw: 1020
Slytherin: 1433


27th January 2011

As exams are coming to an end, it’s time to announce our spring 2011 socials.

You can find the list here on the website, on our CampusGroups info or download the hand-dandy PDF file and print it out for easy reference.

More specific details about each social will be sent to you in emails and put in Facebook events. We look forward to seeing you this semester!

Download the Spring Schedule 2011 PDF (right click, save as)


21st January 2011

We’re still gripped in the winter chill, so it seems like the perfect time to bring back a few warm memories of the Yule Ball. The committee would like to thank everyone for coming – we hope you had a fantastic night. And we especially want to thank Alex for making it all possible!

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18th November 2010

The Secret Elf Exchange is our version of a Secret Santa exchange, only with a little less faffing around. But still a little bit of organisation and forethought are needed. So…

Basically, you come to the social with a gift all wrapped up. We then have some way of muddling up all the gifts. Everyone picks out a random gift. Fun is had by all.

To put it simply, if you bring a gift, you get a gift. Easy!

We’ve set an ideal budget of £3 – you can buy or make whatever you want. If you want to spend more money, go for it, but we’ve found £3 to be a good average.

Any questions? Ask away!

The Facebook event is here.


Dave Night


Dave Night gets its name from the TV channel of the same name. Pretty simple, really.

Charlotte, Sam and Bethan have prepared an HP themed ‘Would I Lie to You?’ involving a series of statements (including a few props, we’re told!) that are all made up – but some are more fictional than others.

There might also be a few other games and, naturally, we’ll all head over the Central Bar later.

The Facebook event is here.

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